Art That Fits The Canvas.

Art That Fits The Canvas.

Art That Fits The Canvas. Art? And what canvas? I’ve to be honest and say, it really took some time to see my self actually doing art. Let alone naming it as such. For a long time, it was just a long lost memory of  an old hobby. The time that I used to be creative and traded it in for a ‘normal’ and ‘stable’ life. Nothing can be more surprising than an unexpected act. I picked up the pencil and dusted of all the debris on my internal creative memory.

I have been drawing for quite some time and hardly had a moment that I woke up and said “I need to categorize my art so that it fits into a box!” To be honest…I have never actually been able to do that. I have a style that really is not the same as any other style that you see out there, Moreover,I developed several styles for myself in which I can go back and forth to. This doesn’t make things easier. Interesting but definitely not easier.

Fitting The Canvas

Over the years, I was more concerned about developing my art skills. It took me such a long time and nerve to pick that pencil up. I’m talking some five to six years ago. Everything was so rusty and I was already happy to be able to pick up a box of color pencils, markers or ink. Still very unsure and in the dark about my art, I just wanted to feel that passion again. Like, who cares in what category, genre, box or canvas I would be able to fit in.

However, a couple months into the process, I started to notice all the different drawing styles that I actually have. And I can still not name them. Nope…never have been able to box them into a category.

Developing several styles can actually be detrimental to your own progress. Your, or better, mine patience was and still is tested by it. I’m the the type of person to ‘get it’. I want to get the essence of my art and put on paper/canvas as well as I can (at that moment). I can imagine that you would say: “Get the basics down and you’re half way through”. True and what it’s even more true, is that I want to build on top of that…with all the different styles that I have. That is a bit much, huh?

Why the ‘box’ works.

Until you step out into this big world where there is a large number of artists you will need to step into a certain box or category. And why not? It can be easier that way. Why create something new or re-invent an old wheel? Being able to describe your style is actually an advantage on a business level.

It helps to target the right customers, clients and audience for your business. The right people that can help grow and develop your career. The downside is that when you go too far, you’ll go along with the trends or mimic other people’s work, just to fit in, it will be hard to stand out and be yourself. It is easy doing it but not easy upholding it.

That damn ‘box’ though.

So there I am. Sitting in my studio and looking at a bunch of illustrations that I cannot box into category. What do you do when you love all these types of mediums and styles? And, not to forget, start a new path as an artist? Sway didn’t have the answers and I’m in the same boat.

I definitely had a moment about it. Not depressed, like I was not going to jump off a bridge or into some heavy traffic for it. It just felt like making a decision between all these beautiful ‘babies’ that I have and to say who’s your favorite. The decision would actually determine the path that I would be walking as an artist.

Was I ready for it? I don’t think I was ready for it. I don’t think I want to be ready for it. I don’t think  I ever will be ready for it. I don’t about that last one…ask me in about five years from now and maybe I will have a different opinion about it. Just maybe…

The Moment That Hit Me.

Than it hit me, why do I want to make that decision? Yes, it has these benefits…which is just one-sided. As an artist, I also have to benefit from being who I am and what I deliver. How can I and my audience, future clients and customer benefit from my full potential…if I ‘box’ myself to a category?

No, I am so much more than that. I understand that it creates more structure but I believe that it is for those that want to ‘box’ art and sell it on a large scale. It might be at the cost of the quality and integrity of the work that I want to produce.

Yeah, I’ll pass.

What I will do, is be clear on the type of artist that I am. An illustrative artist and will color, design and illustrate by own ‘boxes’.

To see how I create my illustrative art you can visit the Instagram feed. You will see various ways of creating art and using different mediums to do so. My YouTube channel has number of videos in which I explain my creative journey.

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