About MCJ Studio

Marilva Berrenstein is an illustrative artist and specializes in figurative art. Her style is strongly influenced by her Afro-Caribbean background, social issues and the development of women in today’s society. With MCJ Studio she has established a platform to make her work accessible to the public. Her activities extend to giving exhibitions, workshops and live paintings.

The way to her expression as an artist started in Waalwijk, where she was born. For a long period she continued her path through the conventional way. She graduated from the University of Economics Studies (HES) with a degree in International Financial Management. After two academic follow-up studies, she quickly went to work in the financial sector.

This offered no solution for her to be able to fully express her creativity. She decided to develop her art and studied her style and technique. This has ensured that she has fully focused on her career as an artist. With her art she regularly goes back to her Afro-Caribbean origin, the development of women and other subjects. Furthermore, she is inspired by color, music and dance.



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