Paint Because You Want To Paint

Paint Because You Want To Paint

Painting Is Work

To paint or not to paint. Let me tell you what it is not:

  1. No that’s not a question.
  2. Stop wondering about it because that isn’t it either.
  3. Save yourself the headache because there is no need to overthink the whole thing.

It’s basically something that you just do because there is no other way to do it. Moreover, that goes for anything that you want to put (all) your attention on. It’s something that you willingly give into because it leads to the thing that you want to do more of. That’s painting or maybe for you that might be doing sport, knitting, singing or fill in the ‘blank’.

Paint, Intent and Act

I’ve written a post before about the long and hesitant road I took to come to the decision to paint. Guess what, that is so different from actually the act of painting. Stepping into an unknown area where I just do not have any control. Moreover, I feel that that particular post has contributed in a big step to creating more depth in molding my vision. Nothing is more frustrating than having a plan and it doesn’t get executed. Just lying there and attracting dust and lint.

I guess that I had my week last month in which I felt that it had to be done. Another check to be placed on the long list of things. Mind you, things that really do not come close to my small interest field. That week, I come to a nice observation which is:

The beauty of a plan is the distance between the act and its intention.

Sounds like a mathematical equation. Yes, a mathematical bomb that will explode, like big time. In that particular week, I could not bring myself from the idea of doing a painting to actually the act of painting. The distance between the two points was just getting bigger and bigger.

To Paint Is The Priority, Not Your Plan

I think everyone has met someone with this long *ss ‘to do’ list. The funny thing is that they never got everything done on that list. Even worse, the list got longer. I feel that we can be so focused of planning. Ultimately, it leads to less time of what I want to and that is painting. Fortunately, I caught on it fast and was able to turn this around. How? By stepping back into the unknown and letting the day work itself out. Basically, believing that everything will work out for the good.

The result of that mathematical equation is that you get it done with a lot less stress. and eventually, paint and get sh*t done





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