New Painting: “Explore Ava”

New Painting: “Explore Ava”

A new acrylic painting is on the rise and found it’s way in the form of a calm, curious perspective titles “Explore Ava”. I actually should put an exclamation point behind but decided not to that. I will come to that later in this post.

This acrylic painting is one that explores a trait that I feel most people have lost during their lives. It is curiosity.

Why are not curious anymore? Why do not ask what is on the other side that is unknown to us? I think one of the most important question that this acrylic painting raises is: Why do we accept all the information that we are ‘bombarded’ with?

My goal was to a woman that showcases a playful curiosity. Her body posture induces you to wonder what she is wondering. To trigger mind to question. On the acrylic painting is hiding but exposing herself enough to wonder and seek.

The size of the painting is 60 x 80 cm (in Europe we use the metric system) which is 24 x 30 inches. It took about two weeks (consecutive days) to create the painting. It is important to me that you as the viewer are triggered to look at your own life and see that questions are part of life.

Now here is the part that where I explain the (invisible) exclamation point. It basically is a statement that I want to make. I would love for people to do question as much info and data that almost is being  ‘spoon-fed’ to us. However, it is not in place to do that. I want to offer something and give the viewer the change to think.

The original and reproduction  are available in the store. For the reproduction, you have possibility to acquire a framed or stretched canvas.




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