The Canvas, Art Supplies & Inspired Action.

The Canvas, Art Supplies & Inspired Action.

Canvas, brushes, paint, pencils. Running, running and some more running for a new canvas and art supply. In the beginning of my career, I never really thought of using a canvas. I remember that a bought a small number of small canvases that I wanted to use. The thing was, I was terrified of painting anything on it. The canvas intimidated the heck out me!

I would have a lot of ideas that I wanted to use to create my art however it never came that far. It kind of felt like a failure. Here I was with a number of art supplies and this empty canvas. But I stuck with it.

It took me several tries and visits to the art supply store to get to this point. I noticed that the visits to the art supply store for a new canvas resulted in an inspired action. I literally trained my mind to get work and think of images to paint on a canvas.

One of the hassles of being a painter is that you are constantly on the go for your art supplies. I like to buy supplies like a canvas at the store because I actually want to see what I’m buying. I noticed that when I stand in the store to buy a canvas, I actually got more inspiration for new ideas.

Yes, there are moments that I’m really pressed for time. Running errands at the art supply store is the last thing on my mind. Even then, I still will make time for it. I’m very aware of the effect that it has on me. The environment is really a projection of how I see myself. The thing that I desire to create as the next art piece of my canvas.

What I’m basically saying is that you need to actually to action in order the create or manifest that you have in your mind. This happens in a way that you feel inspired to do so. And this basically happens every time I get to the art supply store.

The trip itself will have to take place anyway so why just enjoy it and make it something worthwhile.


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